Acupuncture for the exotic: a case based day exploring western veterinary acupuncture in exotics species - 29th March 2025

Dr Krissy Greene presents a one day feast of photos and films demonstrating the wide application of acupuncture to exotics in practice.
The day will start with an overview of acupuncture and progress to build up the participants awareness of and thinking about how and why acupuncture should be offered to a wide range of conditions in small furries, reptiles, amphibians and birds. 
A mix of presentations, group work and discussion will give the participants an exciting and inspiring introduction to this technique, now widely used and accepted throughout the profession. Exotics and acupuncture is the next logical combination. 
The course is suitable for:  
Vets and vet nurses* involved in the treatment of exotics and interested in either going on to learn acupuncture to apply to their patients or to refer to colleagues: This day does not aim to teach the physical skill of acupuncture.
Vets and vet nurses* who already practice acupuncture and would like to expand their practice to include their exotic patients. 
* Registered VNs are able to practise acupuncture as a Schedule 3 procedure. They must be directed by a veterinary surgeon trained in acupuncture and there must be a vet on the premises when the nurse performs acupuncture on a patient. Please refer to the RCVS guidelines.
CPD Hours: 6 hours
Cost: £310 (no VAT)
Certification: This day counts as one module towards the 12 (vet) and 8 (nurse) bespoke certificate in Integrated Care in Veterinary Practice.
Full Price: £310
Ticket Type: Non Member
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Start Date: 29th March 2025
End Date: 29/03/2025
Location: Overtown Manor