Cannabidiol PLUS: everything you always wanted to know about CBD, but were afraid to ask

CBD seems to be everywhere, and in any form, imaginable. But the VMD have deemed it to be a veterinary medicine, and this means that owners should not be accessing it from anywhere other than via a prescription from a veterinary surgeon. The vet should know the provenance and composition of the CBD and that it is free from THC (the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant).

Good quality research is limited, partly because every study seems to use a different mixture and/or a different vehicle. How can we make sense of this?

The first part of this course covers the history; the research; the legalities; what this all means; and gives the participant practice prescribing in different scenarios. 

The second half of the course covers:

PEA (palmitoylethanolamide) is an “endocannabinoid-like” substance that is naturally occurring. There is a lot of impressive basic science implying that it should be useful in chronic pain, ageing and dermatological problems. We look at the history, science and potential for this interesting compound.

LDN is low dose naltrexone – an opiate antagonist used in higher doses to treat opiate addictions. However, in much lower doses it may have analgesic, anti inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties and is used by thousands of people worldwide to help manage symptoms of diseases such as Crohns and fibromyalgia; there is a recent high quality review suggesting that it can be helpful in treating or limiting the advance of cancers.

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