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Chronic-Pain-Management--Practical-Day longview

NEW Online, On demand Chronic Pain Management Course

    This online course is presented by Samantha Lindley MRCVS and is designed to enhance your approcah to managing pain using techniques easily implemented in practice.

    The modules will cover the following about all forms of chronic pain, not only osteoarthritis 

    • How chronic pain is a very different phenomenon from acute pain.
    • Why the assessment of suffering is essential to our selection of the best therapies for our patients.
    • Why chronic pain is a chronic stressor and the impact it has on our patients’ welfare.
    • Why and how examining a chronic pain patient is so different from a usual examination.
    • How to develop a treatment plan including conventional and less conventional medication; physical therapies; exercise and environment. 
    • Why outcome measures may be different from what you expect.